Why Solar PV

The aggressive use of fossil fuels in our world today and the rapid development of the world economy have caused a surge in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This has devastating consequences on the accelerating climate change and is threatening the natural ecological balance of our planet. This will result in a cascading effect worsening the pollution, water contamination, and shortages, and ultimately global food crises. Just look around, it’s evident everywhere.

As fuel prices rise and our modern lifestyles change and our energy-thirsty habits increase resulting in higher energy bills.

Our communities must consider other sustainable energy solutions. The SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC (solar PV) approach is one of those solutions available to us today.

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Solar is the world’s most abundant energy source. South Africa is blessed with this energy resource being one of the areas of the globe with sufficient solar energy to power the energy required in our homes and businesses and large industrial sector.

Our dedication is to help you realize your energy independence and put you on a sustainable journey.

Let’s harvest the power of the sun….. every day!!!

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