About Us

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What we do

Mola Mola Clean Energy is a company designing, sizing, and installing SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS of various types such as residential home rooftop, agricultural /farming for water supply, and boreholes as well as small systems for bungalow and rural dwellings.

We also take delight in assisting with indoor area lighting aesthetics and energy reduction to support the solar PV systems installed.

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Our Vision

Dedicated to Green energy and the building of a cleaner and more energy-sufficient environment.

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Our Mission

To supply homes and businesses with Solar energy and green energy solutions at reasonable prices.

Our Services

  • Installation of Solar PV Panels
  • Installation of Solar Pump Systems
  • Installation of Residential Roof Top Solar PV Systems
  • Small Business Backup Systems
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The Best Solar Products in the North West

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